Pie and Pasta Hosts Event With New Belgium Brewing

Mike Olmstead
Sports Editor

Vermont Pie and Pasta welcomed in representatives from New Belgium Brewing for a glass etching event last Wednesday evening from 4-6 PM.
New Belgium, who is known for their popular beer Fat Tire, was introducing some new beers, as well as a margarita to fans of their beverages.
The beers that being offered on draft included Fat Tire, Passion Fruit Kolsch, and Voodoo Ranger IPA.
Mural Agua Fresca Cerveza was being offered in a can, and a special Muralita Margarita made with the aforementioned Mural Cerveza could be ordered as well.
Patrons at the event also got to take home a New Belgium glass that they could get personalized with a message etched into the side of the glass.
“We have Kayla with New Belgium brewing in to do some glass etching,” said Terry Davis, manager at Pie and Pasta. “She is introducing to our what is now being offered, from Fat Tire to Murals, and specialty cocktails and Voodoo Ranger, just talking about some different beers that are available.”
While Pie and Pasta has hosted events like a Paint a Sip with local artists, this past Wednesday’s event was a first for the restaurant.
“This is first event we’ve done, promoting a particular beer with a vendor, so it’s something that’s new to us,” said Davis.
As for how the event was going, Davis replied, “It’s been excellent so far. We’ve had some guests show up to the bar, and some others were coming in after work, but we are off to a good start.”
Representing New Belgium at the event was Beer Ranger for Vermont and New Hampshire, Kayla Blanchard.
“We are doing a glass etching event, mini tap takeover,” she said explaining the event. “We have three beers on draft, and one in a can. Everyone coming to try New Belgium comes to see me and they can get a custom globe glass etched with a quote, your name, or an inside joke. We have a laser etching machine customizing them right on the spot.”
As stated, there were five choices that patrons could choose from, and Blanchard talked a little bit about each beer.
“On draft we have Passion Fruit Kolsch, which is a lower percent ABV (alcohol by volume). It has passion fruit in the front and finishes nice and crisp. We have Voodoo Ranger, which is our skeleton brand that is our hop series. The one we have on draft tonight is a west coast style IPA with a piny hop profile and seven percent ABV. We also have our famous flagship brand Fat Tire, which is a Belgium influenced amber ale,” she said.
As for the Mural Agua Fresca Cerveza, it is a completely new beverage that recently made it’s appearance in the New Belgium lineup.
“It’s a new brand for New Belgium,” said Blanchard. “We’ve teamed up with another employee owned brewery out of Mexico to make this Agua Fresca style beer. Agua Fresca means fresh water, and it is a street drink found in Mexico where they blend fresh fruit, ice, and herbs and water as refresher. With Primus brewery we teamed up to create a beer-style Agua Fresca. It has real watermelon, lime, and agave and has four percent alcohol and less than one gram of sugar and one hundred and ten calories.”
The fifth drink being offered was the Muralita Margarita, which mixes the Mural Cerveza with tequila, lime, and agave.
Donna and Jesse Wilson were in attendance on Wednesday to sample the new brews offered by New Belgium.
Donna was trying the Passion Fruit Kolsch, and she said, “It’s really good. It’s a lighter beer, but it’s a great summer brew.”
Jesse went for the voodoo Ranger IPA, and he said, “I’ve had it quite a bit in bottles, but this is the first time I’ve had it on draft. The draft seems like it is always better, and thanks to Pie and Pasta for doing this.”
When asked if fans of the restaurant could see more events like this happening in the future, Davis said, “It is something we will discuss with the vendors because a lot of them are from out of state. So it is about them wanting to promote their beer, so hopefully they will approach us. I would love to do some more events like this down the road and offer free glass etching or something else.”
Davis also mentioned hoping to do something with one of the local breweries in our county and state.
If you are interested in any of the beverages listed in this story, you can stop by Vermont Pie and Pasta to sample them so you can judge them for yourself.
You won’t be disappointed.
(Editor’s Note: Being the intrepid journalist that I am, I decided to sample one of the five offerings and went with the Passion Fruit Kolsch.
The beverage was as described, with a bright fruity flavor up front and crisp, yet smooth finish.)