Police: Choking, Screaming and a Pair of Scissors Dominate Domestic Brawl

NEWPORT CITY – A Newport Center man already on probation for aggravated domestic assault entered a not guilty plea to another charge of aggravated domestic assault. Monday, Judge Robert Bent ordered John Heath held on $7,500 bail.Based on the affidavit filed in the case by Senior Trooper Callie Field, the following allegedly occurred.On Saturday, Sept 24, Cody Myott, 18, made two 911 calls to the state police to report a domestic assault between his mother, Mindy Myott, 44, and Heath. When Field arrived at the home in Newport Center, she spoke to a man in the garage area who identified himself as Cody Myott. Cody Myott told Field that Heath and his mother, along with his brother and a friend, were in the house. Field knocked on the door of the home, identified herself and was asked to enter. Mindy Myott told Field that nothing had happened. Field told Mindy Myott that she needed to speak with Heath. Mindy Myott said Heath was sleeping and nothing was wrong. Again, Field said she needed to speak with Heath and was lead to a bedroom. While in the house, Field saw blood on the walls and in the bedroom. Field asked Heath to go outside and speak with her. Heath held up a black object that looked like a Blackberry, pointed to his ankle, and said he was under house arrest for aggravated domestic assault. Field said that Heath had a deep gouge above his right eye and both his hands had cuts on the knuckles and the knuckle on his right pointer finger looked swollen and broken. When Field asked what happened, Heath said he does not believe in domestic violence and that he did not know what happened. Field said she could smell the odor of intoxicants coming from Heath. Field asked Heath if his conditions allowed him to drink. He responded with, “I don’t believe in domestic violence.”Border Patrol agents, who responded to back up Field, remained with Heath while Field went inside the home to speak with Mindy Myott who again said nothing had happened except for some yelling and screaming, and she said Heath never touched her. Mindy Myott said Cody Myott kicked the door in and beat up Heath when he heard her and Heath yelling and heard something break.Cody Myott wrote in a statement that he heard his mother and Heath fighting in the living room so he went to see what was going on and Heath was screaming in his mother’s face. Cody Myott said Heath was slapping his mother and poking her in the eyes so he jumped on Heath’s back and choked him. Cody Myott said he punched Heath in the face to protect himself and his mother as Heath fought back. Mindy Myott broke up the fight. Two hours later, Heath allegedly choked Mindy Myott again, and again Heath and Cody Myott got into a fight. Mindy Myott started yelling and screaming at Sgt. Larry Smith who also responded to the scene. Smith went back outside and Mindy Myott took some scissors out of a drawer on the coffee table. Mindy Myott tried to exit the home, but Field stopped her and grabbed her shirt. Cody Myott yelled that Mindy Myott had scissors in the back of her shorts. Mindy Myott got away from Field and headed to the bathroom and tried to shut the door but Field blocked he door with her foot. Field reportedly pushed the door into her and tried to block her from gaining access to the scissors that Field took away from her. Mindy Myott calmed down for a second and Field told her she would be going with her to speak with someone at mental health, but first she needed to be sober. When Smith walked back in to check on Field, Mindy Myott started swearing, using racial slurs, and ordered him out of her house. Mindy Myott continued to yell and swear at Smith and was eventually taken to the ground by police. She still did not calm down. Mindy Myott, with Field at her feet, kicked to the right side of Smith's head and knocked off his hat. Mindy Myott also kicked Smith in the hand, Field wrote. Field gained controlled of Mindy Myott’s legs by kneeling on them.Police took Heath to North Country Hospital where he was treated for his injuries. Field took Mindy Myott to the state police office where she was processed for assault on a police officer. Mindy’s Myott had a .062 BAC. Field also saw numerous bruises on Mindy Myott’s arms and fresh cut marks on her wrists, which were still red.