Presidential Hopeful John Kasich Visits Vermont

Christopher Roy
Staff Writer

BURLINGTON – Ohio Gov. John Kasich,
presidential hopeful, spoke to about 200
fellow Republicans at the Burlington Hilton
Friday night. Kasich is the third person eyeing
the nation’s top office to visit the Green
Mountain State this year. Vermont Sen.
Bernie Sanders made his formal announcement
in Burlington in May and Sen. Rand
Paul, a Republican from Kentucky, visited
Essex in August.
Kasich said it’s important to have a government
that will help provide jobs so young
people don’t need to leave their home state
as they do in Vermont in order to find work.
As Ohio governor, Kasich said he inherited
the state with an $8 billion deficit, but
under his leadership the state ended up with
a two billion dollar surplus. The state grew
the economy with 347,000 private sector
jobs and the credit rating is solid.
Kasich said it’s a disgrace there are more
mentally ill people in prison than psychiatric
hospitals. He is also against putting drug
addicts in prison instead of treating them.
He said he wants the working poor to have
health care, but not Obamacare. He said he
would also like to mainstream the developmentally