Press Conference Delivers Good News About COVID-19 Vaccine

Staff Writer

The state could see a COVID-19 vaccine for a limited number of doses by about December 10. That was the word Dr. Mark Levine, Commissioner for the Vermont Department of Health, brought to Governor Phil Scott’s press conference Friday.
Levine said the state has freezer capacity to store the vaccines and has the capability to keep them cold while they are in transit. He said that as of Friday, those who will receive the vaccine first are high-risk healthcare workers. Then it will be the most high-risk vulnerable Vermonters who will generally be exceeding age 65 and will be having some element of chronic diseases.
“There will not be enough doses for every single person in that if we got 20,000, but the number is really a very fluid number right now,” Levine said. “That’s not engraved in stone by any means.”
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