Rangers Host First Nighttime Soccer Games

LR's Aidan Poginy hustles down the right side of the field during the second half.  (Photo Mike Olmstead)
Mike Olmstead
Sports Editor

The Lake Region athletic department decided to do something different for the 2019 Homecoming soccer games; play the two games at night underneath the lights.
It would take some help from the community, but after a test run on Thursday evening, the fields were lit up on Friday and Saturday nights for the Lady Rangers and Rangers soccer games.
Both coaches spoke about the atmosphere after their respective games.
“I think this is something special,” said LR girls coach Mary Farnsworth. “This is a soccer community. Soccer has become our sport, behind basketball, and I think we have this great location for it where we have this bowl that the fans can look down on the field. It is a very enjoyable watching experience, where you can see the whole field. I think it is a great opportunity for the girls, and I personally love playing under the lights. It’s just a different feel to the game.”
“Obviously it’s a super cool environment, and to see everybody here, the field all set up, and I didn’t realize just how many people were here until I turned around after the game and looked up,” added LR boys coach Malcolm Cheney. “It was a great community event.”
To find out how they fared, grab the Express on 10-7-19.