NEWPORT - With the threat of hostilities looming with North Korea, two local Korean War veterans have their own take on current tensions, the Korean conflict and America's peacekeeping role. The solution to the Korean situation should have happened years ago, both said in a recent interview. “If Truman let the U.S. go above the 38th parallel in 1953, we wouldn't have to worry about it anymore,” said Bernard Burke. “MacArthur was right,” Frank Ormsbee agreed. “I think so; if you're in a war to win, you're in to win.”Burke and Ormsbee were both born in 1932 and graduated from Newport High School in 1952. They joined the Air Force following graduation and, along with two other “local boys,” Donald LaPierre and Kenneth Buster Lagoon, joined the military. “We had to take turns three days in a row,” recalled Burke. “The recruiter couldn't take us all at the same time.”For more on their story, see pages 1 and 10 of Monday's edition of The Newport Daily Express for April 22, 2013.