NEWPORT – Diana Mara Henry, retired photojournalist, has decided to make Newport her home. Having had an active life chronicling the emerging feminist movement in the 1960s and '70s, various political campaigns including the 1972 and 1976 Democratic conventions, Jimmy Carter’s election night in Plains, GA, Vietnam veterans, concentration and slave labor camps in Europe, castles and stud farms in France, and special events for socialites and members of the fashion industry, she has come to a quieter setting to publish her life’s work and plan speaking engagements and exhibits.What brought her to Newport? Born in Cincinnati, Ohio, Henry started out as photo editor of the Harvard Crimson while attending Radcliffe, where she received Harvard’s Ferguson History Prize and an A.B. in Government. Her first job at NBC embarked her on a career that specialized in interpreting social issues and cultural events. She spent 27 years in New York, six years in Carmel, CA, and four in Monterey, CA, as a professional photographer and teacher of English and photography. Earning a master’s degree in translation, she taught French in Belmont, MA, then moved to Springfield, MA. Tiring of the politics and the business of the city, Henry came to visit a cousin in Woodstock, VT, and decided that this was where she wanted to be. Heading straight up I-91, Diana hit the Canadian border then backtracked one exit to Newport. She entered the first real estate office she found and told them she wished to look at reasonable houses where she could cocoon, create, soak in the beauty, and breathe fresh air. For more of this story, see Friday's edition of The Newport Daily Express for March 29, 2013.