Screeching Tires and a Fight End in $10,000 Bail

NEWPORT CITY – Ryan Garrow, 19, of North Troy pled not guilty Tuesday in Orleans County Court to six misdemeanor charges. Judge Robert Bent ordered Garrow held on $10,000 bail and conditions, including that, if he makes bail, he be released into the custody of a responsible adult.The charges include simple assault, disorderly conduct (fighting), operating a vehicle with a suspended license, and three charges of violation of conditions.In her affidavit, Trooper Debra Munson reported that, according to Donald Coull, Garrow came to the Coull residence sometime around 11 PM and was causing a disturbance by spinning and screeching the tires of his vehicle outside the residence. Coull, who was concerned the noise would wake his children, went outside and confronted Garrow.The confrontation was reportedly witnessed by Amanda Coull and by their neighbors, Travis Stuart and Linda Major.The neighbors told police that they got out of bed to see what the commotion was and observed an argument. They then saw the defendant, Garrow, punch Coull in the face and the two men ended up rolling around on the ground.Stuart said he ran outside and pulled Garrow off of Coull.Coull then allegedly got into his vehicle, yelled at Amanda Coull and threatened to return and shoot the family. Amanda Coull reported that Garrow put the vehicle in reverse and backed up so fast she had to jump out of the way for fear of being hit.Trooper Brian Connor and Trooper Munson went to the Garrow residence around 1:30 AM to speak with Garrow. However they were unable to get a statement as Garrow was half asleep and intoxicated. At that time, Garrow stated that he could not remember anything that had happened that night.Trooper Munson met with Garrow at the State Police Barracks on Dec. 16. Garrow said he went to Coull’s residence because someone told him that Coull had stolen his guitar and amp from his Jeep when his friend had borrowed it. Garrow said he saw the guitar and amp next to the stove at Coull's residence. Garrow said Amanda Coull shoved him out the door and stabbed him in the arm with a pencil. Garrow said the Donald Coull and Stuart then grabbed him, and that he freed himself and drove back to his residence. Garrow said that he had been intoxicated when he went to Coull’s residence.Amanda Coull said that Garrow did not enter their home that night. On Dec. 18, 2011, Jericho King told police he had purchased the Jackson guitar and Marshall Amplifier from Garrow between Dec. 1 and Dec. 3. King provided a written statement.Garrow was already on conditions of release for a prior pending charge.