Seymour Swim Also Takes Place Last Weekend

Thought you were competing only in a Triathlon? Wrong. We had an open water swim going on and we had some very, very strong swimming going on in Lake Seymour. We may not have had the wherewithal to recognize you at the Award Ceremony, (our woodal machine broke down and we didn’t have the times available yesterday afternoon). But all of you Aqua and Ollie and Swim Only participants were also in a swim competition (whether you knew it or not), and we are proud to announce the winners of the 3.5 mile Seymour Swim AND the 1.75 mile Seymour Swim.Congratulations to Dougin Walker, 47, of Princeton, NJ and Tiffany Brennan, 34, of Robbinsville, NJ. Dougin and Tiffany are the male and female winners of the 3.5 Mile Seymour Swim with times of 1:16:40 and 1:17:10 respectively. 2nd and 3rd place male goes to Michael Emmons and Kevin Sullivan and female to Laurie Hugg and Molly Lynn. This year we will be ordering Seymour Swim woodals and will be sending them out to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishers in the 3.5 mile swim. Want some Jerky? On its way as well. BTW, Tiffany set the course record last year with a time of 1:11:26. That’s just about 3 miles an hour. Tiffany has also swum the 25 mile length of Lake Memphremagog in Le Traversee de Lac Mempremagog about 10 years ago. Why does she travel all the way from New Jersey to support our little triathlon? She seems to share our belief that triathlons should be “even up” and the current offering grossly discriminates against strong swimmers.We also had a very competitive 1.75 mile swim. We are pleased to report the female and overall winner of the 1.75 Mile Seymour Swim is Kasondra Ladarola, 24, of Sutton, MA with a time of 0:44:03 and the male winner, Howard Bunta, 45, of Larchmont, NY and Burke, VT with a time of 0:48:24. Woodals, jerky and syrup to you as well. Congratulations on your win on the “short course” of the Seymour Swim. 2nd and 3rd place females were Michelle Patrick and Francine Amyot, while the placing males were Daniel Soucy and Bertrand Montel. A great day. A great swim. We loved watching your smiles coming out of Lake Seymour touching the Quebec flag to signal the end of your swim