Shamrocks Find Stiff Competition at Beantown Tourney, UPDATED!

MARLBORO, MA-Competing against some of the top-ranked players in America and Canada, the Vermont Shamrocks went 1-3 in tournament play at the Beantown Classic this past weekend. The weekend opened up with Vermont squaring off against Team Detroit.In what was described as a well-played, fast-paced game, the Shamrocks got out to an early lead, and had Detroit on the ropes, but the mid-western girls got things going and prevailed in the end 3-1.In the second game, it was combination of old foes from California facing VT.The Junior Ducks and the Junior Sharks combined forces to form a super-team to bring to this tournament, and the Cali girls edged out Vermont 5-4 to keep the green and white winless.Things did not get any easier in game number three, as the Toronto Hurricanes, which featured some college players, shut-out Vermont 3-0.In their final game, the Shamrocks broke through, picking up their only win of the tournament, a 3-2 victory over a previously undefeated Washington Machines.Vermont's college showcase tour coach Buzz Hoer was upbeat after the tournament, saying in an email, “Great competitive weekend. We did well despite a tough draw as you can see from the results, especially that great game Friday night vs Anaheim when the rink was packed with coaches, some of whom were overheard to say they thought our team played surprisingly well. And to hang on and win vs Washington helped everyone have a good drive home. All's well that ends well!”The Shamrocks will get going again this fall/late summer as they get ready to prepare for the 2013-2014 season.