At the Speed of Light

NEWPORT – Work on installing a new cable for improvements in telecommunications is currently underway in Newport. The fiber optic cable is capable of rapidly increasing speed and access to the Internet."It is critical for Vermont's telecommunication system,” said Caro Thompson with the Vermont Telecommunications Authority (VTA). This upgrade will help with the major expansion coming into the area and serve the Newport Airport. The demand by businesses, healthcare, education, and many individuals for data capacity and speed is rapidly increasing as more business is conducted online, more information is accessed through on-line video, and broadband continues to increase, explained Thompson.  The 144 strands of fiber in the new route have the capacity to serve multiple service providers and carry huge amounts of data, Thompson added."After years of advocacy with local businesses and organizations, and partnering with NVDA, Vermont Telecommunications Authority and VTrans, Newport City Renaissance is delighted with the news of high-speed fiber communications being installed for the Newport State Airport and surrounding area," stated Patricia Sears, Executive Director of Newport City Renaissance.  "Newport City Renaissance is eager to add this significant asset of dependable high-speed broadband service to our marketing efforts for more business investment in downtown Newport and neighboring communities."This cable construction is part of VTA's Newport-to-Hardwick Fiber Project. The network will serve Coventry,  Irasburg, Craftsbury, Albany and Hardwick. The VTA will manage leasing agreements with broadband and cell service providers.Two miles have been completed. Through the winter, the next section of the route will be strung past the Newport City Airport in Coventry and into Irasburg.The VTA has designed its Newport-to-Hardwick fiber route to intersect with other fiber networks in the region as well, allowing links between them.The Newport-to-Hardwick Fiber Project will serve multiple objectives. Supporting projects that make new broadband service available in the Northeast Kingdom is part of the state's objective to make broadband available to every home and business in Vermont, Thompson stated.  The fiber will also be available to transport data and voice from cell phone traffic in the region to the rest of the cellular network.The project is funded through an appropriation by the legislature.