MONTPELIER - It's a summer day and you want to take a bicycle tour through Vermont. Let's see: a bicycle - check, helmet - check, knee pads - check, bicycle registration - what?That's right, if some lawmakers have their way, bicyclists over 18 who reside in Vermont will have to register their ride for use on public highways. The bill doesn't say anything about those who come from out of state.As it reads now, the proposed bill, S.136, calls for an annual registration fee of $20 or a biennial fee of $37. The bill proposes bicyclists will receive a registration certificate as well as a plate or decal. Those who register will have to present proof of ownership, which probably means obtaining a title to the bike, which would involve another form and possibly another fee. In addition, those who transfer ownership to another person may be charged a $15 fee – not a sales tax, a fee. Better watch those yard sales!For more of this story, see Page 1 of Friday's edition of the Newport Daily Express for Mar. 1, 2013.