Statement from NCSU Superintendent of Schools Regarding Alleged Threat to North Country Union High School

Staff Writer

At approximately 7:00 p.m. on April 10th North Country Union High School Resource Officer, Kyle
Ingalls was informed by a student that they had heard a student had made threats to “shoot up the
school.” Deputy Ingalls, initiated an investigation into the threat and immediately informed the school
principal and he in turn contacted the Superintendent of Schools.
We believe all members of our school-community have the right to feel safe and secure while at school.
Given the amount of information that was being exchanged on social media, we treated the reported
threat seriously and were compelled to cancel school today. Since the supposed threat was specific to
the high school, it was determined that other schools in the supervisory union would remain open.
The 17 year-old male student who allegedly made the threat was taken into custody by Newport Police
Department for unrelated charges around midnight. Given the late nature of that information, it was
determined that it was still best to keep school closed for the day in order to allow more time for law
enforcement to gather further information and for school officials to determine how best to resume
Today, Deputy Ingalls worked closely with Newport PD and Vermont State Police to conduct an
exhaustive investigation into all the statements and leads involving the original threat information. After
completing the analysis of all related information, local law enforcement could not determine that the
reported threat was credible. The court deemed there was no credible threat and released the
individual with strict conditions. The school has established conditions for the students educational
program, which includes not being on campus accept for specifically scheduled appointments outside
the regular school day.
When conducting these types of investigations, the early release of information to the broader school
community can hinder the work being conducting by our law enforcement partners. We ask for your
understanding in that local law enforcement and school officials needed time to thoroughly investigate
the matter and to make a complete assessment.
This incident is an important reminder of the importance for students, parents, and staff to “say
something, if you see or hear something” that is a concern to public safety in any way. Likewise, it is
also important for individuals to be clear regarding the source of their information. It is also a reminder
that comments that might convey a threat, even if one is not intended, can be perceived as threaten to
Classes will resume at NCUHS and NCCC on Friday, April 12.