TROY — Piping tar sands through the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont may pose a threat to the environment and area residents, but no NEK town took up the issue on Town Meeting Day. Instead, 29 towns in other areas of Vermont voted against tar sands, leaving some area local legislators saying that other towns should stay out of NEK business."Well, I think they are trying to get people to stick their nose in up here where it doesn't belong," Sen. Bobby Starr of Troy told WCAX-TV. "Personally, I feel that people of the Northeast Kingdom can handle their own situations. We really don't need outsiders telling us what's best and what's not best for our area."The tar sands pipeline, if it comes to fruition, would run through Troy, Jay, Barton, over the mountain to Victory and eventually to Maine, carrying highly corrosive "dirty" oil through some of the most pristine areas of Vermont. For more of this story, see Friday's edition of The Newport Daily Express for March 8, 2013.