Tasha Robbins Sentenced for Drug Dealing

NEWPORT CITY – A Newport City woman says she told drugs because her family needed the money to buy baby formula and food.Last Thursday the woman, Tasha Robbins, a/k/a Tasha Hisman, was given five sentences of 2-5 years each, concurrent with each other, with credit for time served. Meanwhile, her boyfriend Charles Hisman, 30, of Newport City, is facing one felony count of the sale of heroin and one felony count for the delivery of heroin. She asked the court to be lenient on her sentence because she is seven months pregnant.On Aug 10, Robbins pled guilty to three felony charges of selling heroin, one felony charge of delivering of heroin and one felony charge of selling a depressant/stimulant/narcotic. During the week of Dec. 19, 2010, Newport City Police began investigating the couple after Sgt. Seth DiSanto spoke with a cooperating individual (CI) who wanted to swap drug related information for consideration on pending charges. The CI told police that Robbins had sold him (or her) heroin multiple times. On Dec. 20, 2010, the CI told police that Robbins was selling bags of heroin for $35 each. Police gave the CI money and dropped him off by a building on Outlook Street to purchase drugs. After the transaction, the CI met with police and handed over two waxed paper bags containing a brownish powdery substance that tested positive for heroin. That same day, Detective Trooper Teresa Randall from the Vermont State Police met with the CI who placed a call to Hisman and left a voice mail message. A short time later, Robbins returned the call and said it was good to stop by. After the transaction, the CI met with police and handed over a cigarette cellophane containing two wax folds that had been purchased from Hisman for $60. The Northern Vermont Drug Task Force continued its investigation the next day. The task force formulated a plan to conduct a controlled buy of 10 bags of heroin from Hisman. Police had the CI place a call and ask if "they had anything left." The CI asked for 10 bags of heroin. Robbins allegedly said they had that amount but would not do any deals with the CI. Later on, the CI and Robbins exchanged several text messages.Police provided the CI with $300. Robbins refused to sell the heroin for $250 and claimed to be “sketched out” about the whole thing. The CI told Robbins that he had done the two from the previous night and that they were on the small side and four would be better. After the transaction, the CI met with police and handed over 10 wax folds that had been purchased for $300.In January, police told the CI to purchase heroin or pills from the couple. After the purchase, the individual handed over three blue oval pills with the markings “Watson 540,” without any packaging. On Jan. 5, police arrested Robbins for the sale of heroin. Robbins told police she only sold heroin for a short period, just before Christmas, and never sold prescription pills. She said she did it to make extra money and that she did not intend to continue selling the drugs because she was a recovered drug addict. Robins said her husband, Charlie Hisman, didn’t have anything to do with the deals.Robbins said the only reason she sold the drugs was because her family needed the money to buy baby formula because her food stamps ran out. Robbins told police that her last deal was just before Christmas. Robbins told her contact person that she did not want "middle deals" because she was working to get back the custody of her three boys.