Three Accused of Taking Over and Trashing Empty Home

NEWPORT CITY – In Orleans District Court Wednesday, Kyle Wilson, 18, of Milton, entered guilty pleas to felony burglary, felony unlawful trespass of an occupied residence and unlawful mischief with damages greater than $1,000.Sgt. Seth DiSanto of the Newport City Police, in his affidavit, wrote that he and Sgt. Royce Lancaster responded to a home on Green Place in Newport on Feb. 24th, around 1:50 PM, in response to a report of a possible unlawful trespass. The caller told police that the home was unoccupied and for sale. The caller said two men were carrying clubs and a third had a dog, and that two of the men had gone to the back of the house and a third had gone in the front door. Adam Kipp and Alan Bonneay, from Kipp Real Estate, responded with keys to the home. Newport City Police, the Orleans County Sheriff's Department and Vermont State Police established a perimeter around the home. The suspects ignored police requests to exit the home. Lancaster said the back door had been forcibly opened then was barricaded shut. The suspects had also secured the front door. The men finally surrendered to police at 3:13 p.m. One of the men was holding a leash attached to a pit-bull type dog. DiSanto and Kipp went inside and discovered the home had been vandalized. The back door was secured with a hook and latch that had been installed by the suspects after they occupied the house. The windows to the door as well as an adjacent window had been spray painted from the inside in an attempt to conceal activity within the residence. One of the windows inside the door had been broken and the kitchen area was in complete disarray. There were dirty dishes and food strewn about and the boiler switch on the stove had been left on, which suggested that the men had been using the home for a while. Feces and urine were on the floor in the dining area. Police said there was other damage elsewhere in the home. Police found empty liquor bottles, beer containers, a mattress and box springs, what appeared to be a bong, and other personal items throughout the house.The three suspects were all teenagers, the oldest being 18 at the time of arrest. The 18-year-old, Glenn Boule, told police that the three had been living in the house for awhile.