TROY - For a fourth time, Troy residents went to the polls yesterday to vote on a bond for improvements and renovations to the town school. With a higher turnout, at 32%, residents voted 168 to 135 to support the bond, according to town lister Karen Rinner.The cost of the project itself is $889,943. The overall cost estimate, including fees and contingencies, was $1.1 million.The school board has been trying to get voters to approve the bond for more than a year. Each time residents rejected the bond, board members scaled back the project and lowered the price. This time, it was PTA members and other residents who gathered enough signatures to ask for a revote. Since it was a revote, the project and bond remained the same as the last time.During a mandated public meeting held at the school Wednesday, the school board brought in Bill Stenger, co-owner of Jay Peak Resort, to encourage voters to approve the bond. Stenger said he cares about all the school systems and has employees with children who attend the school. "It's clear that the school physically has deficiencies that need to be addressed," said Stenger.For more of this story, see Friday's edition of The Newport Daily Express for March 29, 2013.