Twin Sentences for Twin Shoplifters

NEWPORT CITY – Judged Robert Bent handed down a three to six month suspended sentence to two Orleans County women for stealing from the Family Dollar Store in Newport.Fawn Norris of Orleans and Dawn Norris of Newport, both 27, will each serve 40 hours of community service. The women were also placed on probation.According to Newport City Police Officer Travis Bingham, a clerk at the Family Dollar Store told police she saw one of the women put a shirt into a bag. The clerk continued to watch the women who both put items into their bags. From page one.The clerk confronted the women outside the store. Both women told the clerk that they put items into their bags with the intent of not paying for them. When police arrived, the clerk had all of the items laid out on a table. The total value of the items taken by both women was $36.55Fawn and Dawn Norris followed Bingham back to the police station where they were process and released on a citation for retail theft.