UTG Finalizes Wind Survey

Ferdinand — For the second time in the same week, the Board of Governors for the Unified Towns and Gores of Essex County (UTG) scrutinized and modified a wind energy proposal from Seneca Mountain Wind (SMW) developers Eolian Wind Energy. Last Thursday evening, at their own log cabin municipal office building in Ferdinand, the five-member board closely considered and re-considered the exact wording and process for a proposal and non-binding survey vote regarding the future of industrial wind projects in the northern Essex County community. In the end, the board decided to enclose the one-page letter from the board with the survey printed on the bottom in the same envelope as the 14-page draft proposal from SMW. Earlier in the day November 14, at a special joint meeting of the Town of Brighton Selectboard and Planning Commission held at noon, a letter was drafted from Brighton to the UTG board cautioning them “not to do Eolian’s work for them by sending out what is in reality a fancy brochure with your name associated with it.”… “Buyer beware is a valid concern,” the document read. That letter however, was not read aloud during the Thursday evening meeting at the UTG. UTG Supervisor Gina Vigneault said that the board members had each received a copy. “But frankly, at this point they really don’t care too much what anyone else has to say. They want to hear from their own people,” she said.Please see the Newport Daily Express Monday for the complete story.