Vermont High School Sports Delayed Another Week

Mike Olmstead
Sports Editor

Vermont high school sports play was set to resume this week for the first time since March 17th, but that has been put on hold right now for a week.
The Vermont Principal Association (VPA)’s Bob Johnson issued a statement via email, saying, “This was announced in a Superintendent’s meeting yesterday with the Secretary of Education and I know many of you received a notice from your Superintendent about this. As a result, there will be no games for next week. We are uncertain as to when a possible decision will be made for the week beginning September 28th, but once we know something, we will let you know.”
North Country Athletic Director Phil Joyal also issued a statement to the Express, and he is optimistic that play will begin soon.
“We knew going into this fall season that there was no set date for the state to move us to Step 3 allowing us to play, however, it doesn’t make this decision any easier,” he said. “I feel for our athletes and coaches. They just want to play. For the past two weeks, they have done everything the state has required of them and now they are being told they can’t play next week with no explanation as to why this decision was made. I certainly respect and understand the importance of keeping everyone safe, but I don’t understand why the state is not providing an explanation for this decision. We will stay the course and remain optimistic that we get the opportunity to play soon.”
As for what this means for the scheduled games, it likely means cancellations with a slim chance of rescheduling due to the time crunch that will really start to set in, especially with the rapidly dwindling daylight hours.
If anything changes as far starting back up next week, we at the Express will keep you posted.