Vermont Sports Magazine: Made in the Northeast Kingdom

ORLEANS – Advances in technology now allow people to do what was only dreamed about not too long ago. People are able to work from the comfort of their homes from pretty much anywhere, and work in a variety of fields. Sky Barsch of Orleans creates a magazine from her home that is distributed all over New England. She works with the help of her designer Shawn Braley of White River Junction and a staff that includes photographers and freelance writers.Barsch owns Vermont Sports Magazine. She bought it about two years ago when she was looking for a challenge in her life and a steady income. When Barsch’s partner accepted a job in Newport, Barsch gave up her job as a reporter for the Burlington Free Press but she did not lose sight of her dreams. She had worked as a freelance writer for Vermont Sports for a number of years and one day she just decided to ask the owner, who was moving across the country, if she could buy it, and he agreed to sell it to her and train her. Barsch had no business experience but was able to learn the ropes with the help of the former owner and modern technology. The new venture at first was a huge undertaking, Barsch didn’t sleep well, she said in a recent interview, “But it’s been a blast since, and really rewarding.”Barsch is thrilled to work in fields she feels so passionately about: sports and writing.Vermont Sports Magazine embodies so much of what Vermont is – recreation in the great outdoors. On its pages, readers can find stories about skiing, cycling, running, hiking, and more, including stories about local beers to top off the experience the magazine brings. Articles include how-to tips, strategies for improvement, and profiles of athletes. There are also tips for beginners, a question and answer interview with a featured athlete, and a calendar of events in the bright, glossy, full color magazine. Readers won’t find stories about baseball in the pages, but they will find well written stories and useful information.New England’s outdoor magazine, Vermont Sports, can be found at recreational areas, ski resorts, sports shops, and northbound visitor centers on Interstate 91. For more information, visit for a digital version, the blog, and individual stories.