Vikings Defeat Falcons 19-14 to Win Barrel Bowl in Teams’ 100th Meeting With Each Other

Mike Olmstead
Sports Editor

The air on Friday night at Veteran’s Field was electric.
Not only did the annual Barrel Bowl, which was not played last year due to a scheduling error, return, but it was the 100th meeting between the North Country Falcons/Newport High School and the Lyndon Institute Vikings.
The stage was set for a game of the ages to take place, and after a hot start to the contest, that is what seemed like would take place.
But after the first three possessions things would slow down.
In the third the Vikings would score a pair of touchdowns, with the second being the eventual game-winner, as the visitors took the Barrel back down south to Lyndonville on the backs of a 19-14 win over the Falcons.
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