VT Attorney General Scam Alert: New Utility Disconnection Scam

Staff Writer

Issued By: Vermont - Attorney General's Office Affected Jurisdictions: Vermont

This is an important alert about an active phone scam in Vermont.
Callers claiming to be from the power company are threatening to disconnect service if money is not sent to them immediately. Some callers may ask where your power meter is located. Your power company does not make calls or threats like this - these are scam calls.
If you get one of these calls, hang up the phone. Do not call back or speak with the scammers. Call our office to report the calls, and call your utility if you are concerned about your service.
If you have lost money to this scam, contact us immediately. Our number is 800-649-2424 toll-free in Vermont, or dial 802-656-3183.
Together, we can stop scammers in their tracks. Please share this information with everyone you know.
Audio Recording URL: http://files.vtalert.gov/Public/DownloadAudio.aspx