VT Health Commissioner: Wear Masks in Public

Staff Writer

MONTPELIER – State officials are now urging all Vermonters to wear facemasks during the COVID-19 pandemic. That is different than what US public health officials previously said. Vermont Health Commissioner Dr. Mark Levine on Friday Morning said that the CDC and many of the health officials, including Vermont had  said those organizations didn’t recommend people wear masks when out in public and stated they offered little to no protection. However, that advice has changed. “It is evolving like anything else in the coronavirus epidemic,” he said. “Now I am joining other health leaders in recommending that Vermonters wear cloth face masks in public even if they have no symptoms.” Recent data shows that pre-symptomatic spread of COVID-19 is possible, especially 48 hours into onset, Levine said. “Wearing health masks may help people from spreading the virus,” he said. “I fully expect the CDC will be formally make the same recommendation(Friday) or the coming days.” Even though Levine recommends everyone wear facemasks ,he stressed that medical grade masks are for healthcare workers who are on the frontline with patients. He also reiterated the governor’s Stay Home-Stay Safe directive is the most effective way to slow the spread.