VTrans Rollover: Driver Uninjured in Crash

Staff Writer

NEWPORT CENTER – A driver operating an Agency of Transportation (AOT) truck was unscathed after the plow truck he was driving turned over on Route 105 at around 6:30 Friday morning.
Bill Jewell from the Derby AOT Office said that Justin Burkewitz  was traveling east and got caught up in whiteout conditions. He was over too far and was pulled by the wind.
"He was plowing into the wind, so it blew it back over the cab and windshield, and that is when he lost visibility.," Jewel said.
Burkewitz who was wearing his seatbelt was not injured.
"It kind of hung him up in there, so we had the ambulance service check him out," he said.
As of just late Friday morning, the known damage to the truck was limited to a couple mirrors and sideboard. However, they have plans to check the frame and engine. Jewell doesn't know how long the truck will be out of service.
"It depends on the amount of damage," he said. "If there is anything with the motor or frame, it will probably be out of service for a while. It depends on what they today."
However, the area is not short a truck.
"We have spares," Jewell said.
Vermont Route 105 was closed just long enough for crews to bring the truck right side up. As of just before noon, Burkewitz who works out of the Westfield garage was back on the job. The crash was cleaned up between 9 and 9:30.