Water Dispute Stymies Development Plans In Newport

Dena Gray would like to expand Tavern On The Hill's seating capacity from 48 to 88 guests.
Staff Writer

Expansion plans at Tavern On The Hill on Derby Road in Newport are on hold says Eastside Restaurant owner Dena Gray. The City of Newport and Village of Derby Center have been locked in litigation over a water contract whereby the Village supplies water to Newport. Insufficient water pressure on Derby Road was resolved in 1999 with an inter-local agreement between the municipalities for the Village to furnish 10,000 gallons per day to the tenants at the newly created industrial park. A dispute over billing and usage led to a court case which was resolved in 2014 when the Supreme Court overturned a lower court ruling, and ruled in the Village's favor. Now negotiations for a court ordered settlement are stalled over what the Village's attorney Christopher Smart claims are unreasonable demands by the City Council. Read more in the Newport Daily Express.