You Can’t Get There from Here - At Least Not This Way

Although the state road to Island Pond from East Charleston (VT105) is closed due to damage from Tropical Storm Irene, you can still get there from wherever you are, with some effort. VT111 is undamaged and a good paved road from Derby area. The Ten Mile Square road by Northwoods Stewardship Center is another viable option from Charleston area, and VT114 south from Lyndonville is also open - now that the bridge is fixed. It is unknown how long the road will be closed. Sunday night, Michael Brown, 52 of Island Pond, apparently didn't notice the cones by the bridge, drove his Jeep Grand Cherokee through them and struck a large bump caused by the road caving in. His vehicle then collided with a VT Transportation truck and pushed it into a VTrans front end loader. Robert Rivers, 46, of Island Pond, was in the state truck. Neither party reported injuries and the vehicles appear to have sustained light or moderate damage.